Why a bike

as our brand icon?

At Cono Sur we do things The Sustainable Way.
We believe wines should be created with the highest quality standards and respect for the environment. This sustainable philosophy is in our core, the reason our workers ride around the vineyards on bikes to keep our vines healthy. We are proud to have the bicycle as a symbol of our commitment to the environment.
Join us and grab a glass, or bicycle, and choose The Sustainable Way.

Integrated Vineyard Management: what does it mean?

We know it sounds complicated, but it’s in fact very simple!

In a nutshell, it means being aware that producing wine can have long-term impact on the planet and therefore doing something about it. Integrated Vineyard management is taking action to minimise that impact wherever possible to ensure the protection of the planet and the ecosystem we’re in.

In Cono Sur we’re driven to produce high quality and great tasting wines whilst being committed to reduce our impact on the planet. After all, by protecting our enviroment we ensure healthy soil and vines to produce delicious wines.

Wild Geese

A natural way to control pests and enriching our soils

Solar Energy

83% of our vineyards use solar power as renewable energy source

Wildflower Corridors

Biodiversity, to attract pollinators and improve soil health

Waste Management

Reusing grape peels and stems as compost

Water Usage

Efficient irrigation techniques to reduce water needed to produce wine

Carbon Neutral

Committed to reduce our emissions to a minimum and offsetting the rest

Reasons to Believe

Since Cono Sur was founded in 1993, we’ve taken sustainability seriously. Because we know keeping a balance with the environment allows for the production of great tasting wines. We’re proud to hold several certifications that demonstrate caring for our earth is an important business objective. These aren’t only recognitions of what we’ve achieved, they also hold us accountable to our sustainability commitments in the future to continue looking for ways to make wine more deliciously sustainable. Click on the logos to find out more.

Sustainable winemaking

“We believe it is paramount to show the world that producing high quality, innovative wines that are truly exciting, can have a minimal environmental impact. This is Cono Sur’s essence.”

Matías Ríos, Cono Sur Chief Winemaker

Think fresh and fruity flavours, versatile and delicious!
This is our Bicicleta range («Bike» in Spanish). Offering more than the traditional varieties, they are all about easy-drinking for any occasion: mid-week meals, nights-ins or hosting friends and family.

For Cono Sur, combining sustainable agriculture and organic vineyard management has always been one of our long-term goals. We became one of the first wineries in Chile to be organically certified, back in 2003.
When we produce organic wines, we cultivate a special relationship with the vineyards. This results in high quality and great tasting wines with a special touch only given by maintaining that balance with nature.
Cono Sur ORGANIC is a more special range of wines, delicious tasting and with the added benefit of helping us care for our vines whilst reducing our environmental impact to a minimum.

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Mushrooms risotto with coconut cream


  • W1 and ½ cups of rice
  • W1 onion cut into cubes
  • W1 clove garlic 1 package of dried mushrooms
  • W1 package of Portobello mushrooms
  • W1 cup of white wine
  • W½ jar of coconut cream
  • WPepper
  • WSalt



  • The mushrooms must hydrate in 2 ½ liters of water for approximately 2 hours when they are already hydrated (appx 2 hours) and put it to heat.
  • In a wok add olive oil, the minced garlic, onion in small cubes, salt and pepper and stir until the onion looks transparent.
  • Add the rice and also add the white wine and stir.
  • Wait for it to evaporate the alcohol and we will begin to put the mushrooms.
  • Once the rice is al dente add the coconut cream and stir. Let it rest for only 3 min.
  • To finish add a splash of olive oil to the risotto and decorate with the sauté mushrooms!
  • If you can add vegan cheese!
  • Enjoy with a glass of Bicicleta Merlot (At 17°C)!